Lesson Plans Thursday, May 2, 2013

L&R straight punches
Drill: 2ppl/1 punching shield
-Pad holder- calls out even number of punches for the striker to do (2-4-6)
At any given time Instructor may Call “Go”
-Strikers- 2 sprawls followed by non stop aggressive punches until instructor Calls “Time”
-Front kick to the Groin
-Front Kick/straight punch
-Head Lock from the side
-Ground-Side Kick
Drill: 2ppl/1 Kicking shield
-Striker- Ground position, Side Kick, get up, front kick to a vertical target followed by knee strikes until pad holder calls “Time”

Focus Mitts:
Combo: L-up, R-up, Hook
Add- Under-L-hook- R-Cross
Add- Pull back-Cross,Hook, Cross
Sparring Drill: Movement (Slow and Easy) 2ppl/1 Defender/Attacker
– Against Jab
(Slip, drop levels, move or cover)
– Against-Cross
(Slip, drop levels, move or cover)
One person defends other attacks/No Counters
– Mix it up- Jab & Cross
-After both sides have gone, switch again and Add counters
-Defense Against Round Kick High- Fighting Stance- 2 points of Contact
-Back Fall
Drill: 2ppl/1 Pad (Quick & Simple)
-Place pad behind heels, teeth tight
-Eyes closed
– Light push by partner
– Fall break, touching the pad as little as possible
-Bearhug- Front (with lift)
-Bearhug- Behind Leverage on the Finger
Arm Bar from the guard
Choke from the side (Arm Bar)

3 Round Drill
Knee strikes with a Switch
Thai Pads:
Basic Combinations- 1-4
– Add a Right Elbow strike followed by L-Knee strike, after every combo
-Cavalier #1 & #2
-Knife Defense against Downward stab (Ice Pick Stab)
-Knife Defense against a Forward Slash
-Take Down # 2- Double-Leg Takedown

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