Lesson Plans Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beginner Class (A3)

Movement- Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back

Palm Heel strikes

Palm Heel Strikes from Mount Position

Drill: Movement, on instructor’s signal “Down”, non stop strikes from mount, on instructor’s signal “UP”, striker stands up and continues with Movement.

Choke from Front (2 handed)

Ground- Back Position

Ground- Front Kick


Intermediate Class (A3)

Defensive Front Kick

Defensive Front Kick with Advance

Drill: Eyes closed; pad holder gives a verbal signal and either walks over towards striker OR stands at a distance; striker makes the appropriate kick.

Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)

Partner Drill: Boxing Gloves; Defense v. Front Kick (stomping)/ Cross to the body/Hook to the head

Ground- Kick off from Guard


Advance Class (A3)

Thai Pads- 2 Rounds of 5 Minutes; 2 Kicks OR 2 Knees after every Combination

Quick Review: Inside Defenses with counters

General Def. v. Medium to high Kicks

Drill: Light Sparring

Stick-overhead defense

Stick- dead side


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