Lesson Plans Thursday, June 5, 2013

Beginner (B3)
L&R Palm heel strikes
Palm Heel strikes- While mounting the pad
Knee Strikes (Regular and Round)
A/B Drill: 2ppl/2 kicking shields
Striker & pad holder; stand on opposites sides of the room. Striker; mount the pad, non stop palm heel strikes, when the instructor yells “Go”, get up fast, sprint towards pad holder, non stop Knee strikes, when the instructor yells “Go” again, sprint towards your pad, quickly mount and start striking! Continue the cycle.
Choke from the side
Choke from Behind
Ground-Getting Up
Drill: Groups of 3
Defender; on your back eyes closed, pad holder go any where in the room, Defender; on instructor’s command, get up properly, locate and sprint towards pad holder, fast and aggressive strikes. 3rd person /Attacker; Choke from side/Choke from Behind. Defender, make the appropriate defense and stay engaged on your target until time is called.. Reset & Repeat!

Intermediate (B3)
Side Kick (with and without advance)
Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Drill: Side kick followed by a Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Outside Defense 1-5
Choke from Front Against Wall
Hair Grab from Front
Drill: 2 ppl
Defender; Stand against the wall, eyes closed. Attacker; Choke from Front Against the wall/ Hair Grab From Front.
Ground- Strike from Full Mount
Ground- Dismount from Full Mount

Advanced (B3)
3 Round Drill
Axe Kick
Axe Kick followed by Straight Punches
General Def v. Medium to High Kicks
Plucking/Rowing Def. v. Side Kick
Face-to-Face Throw
Headlock from the Side . spinning inward
Gun from Behind at a Distance
Drill: Groups of 3/Punching Shield
Striker; non stop strikes on the pad, Attacker; Headlock from the Side. spinning inward/Gun from Behind at a Distance

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