Lesson Plans Thursday, January 22, 2015


Palm Heel Strikes

Basic Takedown Defense

Drill: Palm Heel Strikes; now and then, pad holder bursts forward (after punches) and the defender must make Basic Takedown Defense


Choke Front (2 hands)

Drill: attacker makes Choke Front; defender defends; attacker steps back, then makes a 360 attack; defender must defend 360 and continue with counterattacks.



Combo #8 – Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross

Combo #9 – Left Uppercut/Right Cross/Left Hook

Combo #10 – Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Uppercut/Right Cross/Left Hook

Bearhug Front Leverage on Neck – have the attacker hide his head in different positions



Thai Pads – opposite stance

Gun from Behind (touching)

Gun Back of Head

Gun to the Side of the Head

Drill: striking, Gun Back, Gun Back of Head or Gun to the Side of the head


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