Lesson Plans Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beginner (A1)
Movement -Fighting stance
Palm Heel Strikes
Round Kick
Choke from the Front (2 handed pluck)
Drill- Eyes Closed, defender either gets choked and has to defend or gets popped with a pad and makes palm heel strikes until pad holder call time

Intermediate Class (A1)
Hook Punch
Headbutt Forward
Focus Mitt Combination: Left, Right, Left Hook, Headbutt forward
Headlock from the side
Bearhug from behind Arms caught
Drill: eyes closed; react to either Bearhug or Headlock from the side

Advanced (A1)
Tabata Punches= 8 Rounds, 20 sec full speed, 10 sec Rest
Ax kick
Headlock from the side, spinning inward
Headlock from the side, neck break
Knife- threat def. to dead side
Drill: One defender, Any level 1-3 attacks, include the attacks above.

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