Lesson Plans Thursday, February 14, 2019


Straight Punch

Front Kick

“Find Your Partner” drill with punches or kicks.

Choke from Behind

Drill: “Monkey in the Middle” – group of 5 people; 1 person in the middle, 3 people with pads, 1 attacker; the person in the middle must strike different pads on command; at any time, the attacker can make Choke From Behind



Uppercut Punch

Combination: Left Uppercut/Right Straight/muay thai clinch/Left Knee

Outside Defenses 1-5

Drill: defender’s eyes are closed; partner gives a verbal signal and attacks with STRAIGHT PUNCH from any angle; defender must defense and counter.

Inside Defense v. Left/Right combination

Inside Defense v. Left/Right combination using 1 hand



Knife – upward stab

Knife – low straight stab (treat like upward stab)

Knife – straight stab (sternum/chest/face)

Drill: Defender; eyes closed, defend Knife

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