Lesson Plans Thursday, December 18, 2014


  • Straight Punch with Advance (quick lesson)
  • Inside Defense
  • Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low
  • Ground – Side Position
  • Ground – Side Kick
  • Ground – Get Up from Side
  • Drill: defender makes Inside Defense; puncher can also yell “Down!” and defender must drop down into a Ground Side Position, give a kick to the air, and get back up


  • Straight Punch
  • Hammerfist Forward
  • Drill: begin standing up, throwing straight punches and hammerfist punches, then drop to knees and continue striking, then lie on your back and continue striking; then return to your knees, and then stand up. The striking should be CONTINUOS. Switch with your partner. Do 2 rounds. This is very tiring!
  • Guard Drill – maintain good posture while in the attacker’s guard
  • Guard Escape – gouge, posture up, striking groin
  • Guard – Arm Bar
  • Guard Drill: bottom person works for arm bar, top person works guard escape


  • Punch One Direction, Kick Another (Straight Punch, Side Kick)
  • General Defense v. High Round Kick
  • Sliding Defense v. High Round Kick
  • General Defense v. Knife Slash (Live and Dead Side)

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