Lesson Plans Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beginner (A2)

Front Kick- Groin

Round Kick- work both sides

Horse Shoe Drill

Straight Punch Low

Inside defense v. Straight Punch Low

Choke from the Front with a Push

Drill: Choke from Front with a Push, after the initial defense, attacker, takes a back and attacks with a straight punch Low.

Intermediate (C2)

Strikes from mount position

Inside Slap Kicks (both sides)

Drill: A/B Drill- Strikes from the mount position on one end, and Inside Slap Kicks on the other.

Reverse Headlock Standing

Ground- Trap and Roll (review)

Drill: Groups of 3; defender; Strikes from the mount, 2nd person safely tackles defender off the pad and mounts them, defender; escapes the mount and gets up, 3rd person, then immediately makes Reverse Headlock attack. Repeat.

Advanced (C2)

Conditioning Drill:

Left/Right/Right Elbow x 10

10 Push Ups

10 Round Kicks (5 each side)

10 Sit up/ Stand up (partner assist)

4 Rounds as fast as possible, then switch with your partner. See which pair can finish first!

Ground – Trap and Roll (review)

Knife Defense from Full Mount

Drill: defend against a full mount; attacker may or may not draw a knife and begin to stab.

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