Lesson Plans, Thursday August 21, 2014


Palm Heel Strikes


Round Kick

Combo: Left Palm Strike/Right Round Kick

Combo: Right Palm Strike/Left Round Kick

Choke from Front (1 handed)

Drill: Groups of 3; Defender starts on the ground with push ups, on instructors signal “UP”, defender gets up and makes 10 strong Knees on the pad, once the defender is done with their knee strikes, the attacker makes 10 aggressive Choke from Front, defender makes an aggressive defense and gets back on the ground for push ups. Repeat for 5 Rounds.



Straight Punches (review)

Hammerfist Forward (review)

Drill: non-stop punches- Standing, then from knees, then on back, then on knees again, then standing. Don’t Stop!

Bearhug Arms Free

Bearhug Arms Free

Drill: Groups 2; defender eyes closed, defend either Bearhug or attack the pad when bummed!



Chops (inside and outside)

2 Front Kicks with a Switch

Drill: Alternate Tabatta-Kicks/Jump Squats- 20 sec. work- 10 sec. rest, 8 rounds

20 seconds- Jump Front Kicks with a Switch- 10 Seconds rest

20 seconds- Jump Squats- 10 seconds rest

** repeat for 8 rounds**

Knife – attacker holding defender with left hand

Knife – off angle upward stab (live and dead side)

Knife – off angle downward stab (live and dead side)

Knife – off angle straight stab (live and dead side)

Drill: Monkey in the Middle Drill- First round 60 seconds, second round 90 seconds- non-stop attacks (level 1, 2, 3 &4) including knife.







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