Lesson Plans Thursday, April 5, 2018

Beginner (B1)
Front Kick Groin
Drill: Partner moves around with large pad, holds for punches or groin Kicks
Ground- Getting up
Ground- Front Kick
Ground- Round Kick
Drill: Movement,Kick, get, up, Groin kick followed by 4 straight punches
Headlock from behind

Intermediate (B1)
Headbutt Forward
Side Kick
Combination-Side kick, transition to face the pad, 2 punches followed by a forward Headbutt.
Drill- Groups of 3, Focus Mitts, Kicking shield; Basic combinations on focus mitts, Pad holder with the Kicking shield walks towards striker from either side and gives a verbal signal, striker makes todays combination and gets back to working the mitts.
360 with counters
Choke behind with a pull
Drill: Groups of 3, focus mitts; basic combinations, attacker makes choke behind with a pull or gives a verbal signal and makes 360, defender makes the appropriate defense and gets back to working mitts

Advanced (B1)
Stand up & Ground- Thai Pads, 3 rounds of 2 minute rounds
Round 1- Stand up- Thai Pads- Combinations, include kicks, elbow, knees
Round 2- Ground- Striker; on their back, pad holder mounts or hold striker in side control, striker works to gain a better position, reset.
Round 3- Stand up- Thai Pads – (opposite stance), combinations, kicks, knees, elbows, and sprawls
Full Nelson-Finger Strip
Full Nelson- Sweep
Ground- Leg Triangle from Guard

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