Lesson Plans Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beginner (B1)

Punches- Straight (both sides)

Round Kick- emphasis on switch round kick

Thai Pads- Combination- Switch round kick, right punch, left punch, back leg round kick

Choke from behind with a push

Headlock from behind

Drill: Groups of 3, large shield; defender starts on their stomach, eyes closed, pad holder moves around and can hold pad anywhere on the training floor. On instructors signal, defender quickly gets up, locates the pad holder of their group, advances towards the pad with non stop straight punches, attacker makes headlock from behind. Reset.

Intermediate (B1)

Side Kick

Back Kick

Combination: Side Kick, turn, Back Kick

360 with Counters

Outside Stabbing Defense v. Front Kick

Drill: defender eyes closed, 360 or Outside Stabbing defense v. Front Kick

Ground- Def v. choke full mount

Barricade Drill: Defender defends Choke full mount, quickly gets up, breaks through the barricade and makes 30 front kicks (groin) on pad

Advanced (B1)

Focus Mitts- 3-2 min. rounds- opposite stance

Thai Pads- 3-2 min. rounds- opposite stance- include: knees, elbows, sprawls.

Long Gun from the Front-Live Side (both sides, various angles)

Long Gum from the Front- Dead Side (both sides, various angles)

Drill: eyes closes- Long Gun defense from the Front- both sides, various angles

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