Lesson Plans Monday, October 9, 2017


Palm Strikes

Drill: Belt Drill

Combo: Left/Right Palm Strike/Right Knee (practice both the framing position with the arms and the Muay Thai clinch)

Choke from the Front (1 hand)



Uppercut Punch

Footwork Drill: start facing target in fighting stance; make a very quick step-and-pivot to the left, and then make a Right Uppercut; return to front; make a very quick step-and-pivot to the right, then make a Left Uppercut Punch; return to middle; continue.  NOTE: when moving to the right, the practitioner must commit to the pivot so that he ends up with the weight loaded onto his left foot. This makes the Left Uppercut logical.

Defense v. Uppercut

Drill: Attacker makes Left/Right/step and pivot to the left/Right Uppercut; Defender FOLLOWS the movements, making two inside defense, shifting to face attacker as he pivots, then defends Right Uppercut.


Ground: Defense v. Choke Full Mount



Sparring: 3 rounds of 2 minutes, hands only

Sparring: 3 rounds of 2 minutes, hands and legs

Stick Overhead Defense

Stick Baseball Bat Defense

Drill: defend either attack

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