Lesson Plans Monday, October 28, 2013

Drill: knees driving your partner across the room
Elbows 1-3
Choke from Behind with a Push
Drill: eyes closed; attacker can hold a pad for elbows#2 or #3, or hold for knees to the front, or make Choke from Behind with a Push.

360 with Counterattacks
Back Kick
Choke from Behind with a Pull
Drill: defender stands with eyes closed; attacker comes from behind with anyone of these three attacks: 1) holding a pad for a back kick; 2) making a 360 attack with left hand only; 3) choke from behind with a pull. For attacks 31 and #2, the attacker gives a verbal signal. The defender looks over his right shoulder and makes the appropriate response.
NOTE: we ask the defender to look over his right shoulder, and for the attacker to use a left-handed 360, for simplicity’s sake. This avoids issues of defending on the dead side. If you want your students to deal with dead side defenses, you can eliminate this details.

Thai Pads: Combos 6 & 7 with knees
Overhand Right Punch
Combo: Left/Overhand Right/Left knee
Combo: Overhand Right/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right/Left Knee
Gun from Behind, Hugging Technique
Gun from the Side, close arm being held (difficult situations)

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