Lesson Plans Monday, October 2, 2017


Straight Punch – review

Drill: non-stop straight punches “go” and “time” on instructor command

Inside Defense – introduce idea of counterattacks with punches, groin kicks, etc. (does not have to be simultaneous at this level)

Headlock from Behind

Drill: attacker makes Headlock from Behind; defender defends and makes counterattacks; attacker steps back, then makes one right straight punch; defender makes Inside Defense and continues with counterattacks



Focus Mitts: Left/Right/step and pivot left/right uppercut

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/step and pivot right/left uppercut

Inside Defense with Counter v. Left Punch

Inside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch (2 and 1 counterattack)

Drill: attacker makes left or right punch slowly; defender makes defenses and counters
Drill: attacker makes left or punch more more quickly; defender must defend; make counters if possible



Overhand Right Punch

Thai Pads: Combo #10 (Overhand Right/Left Uppercut /Overhand Right/Left Knee)

Thai Pads: Combo #10 variation (Right Straight/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right)

Gun Front Review (regular technique, two handed cupping technique)

Advanced Gun – under the chin; can include attacker using left hand to control clothes, arm, grab hair, etc.

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