Lesson Plans Monday, May 29th, 2017

Beginner (B2)
Movement – fighting stance moving forward, left, right, back
Straight punches
Front kick (groin)
Choke from the front (2-handed)
Drill: students separate into groups of three, with one tombstone per group. Defender starts with eyes closed and padholder runs to random spot on the mat. After successfully defending the attack, the defender finds their padholder, who holds for continuous, hard punches or kicks. When padholder calls “time” the drill resets and the padholder finds a new spot.

Intermediate (B2)
Defense v. hook (extended)
Defense v. hook (covering)
Ground – trap and roll
Ground – elbow escape
Ground – defense v. choke full mount
Ground – defense v. headlock full mount
Drill: Attacker starts in full mount, either choking or with a headlock. The defender attempts a buck and roll (with resistance from attacker) but if they are not successful the attacker starts throwing hook punches to the defender’s shoulder. Once the punches start they must escape or reverse by any means necessary and finish standing. If the defender does not clear out or get up quickly the attacker can try to take the defender back down or throw a few punches from standing.

Advanced (B2)
Review outside and inside defenses
Gun from behindĀ  (touching)
Gun from front, pushing into stomach
Advanced gun – from front, assailant pushing, slapping, or kicking
Drill: split students into groups of 5 or 6. One person stands on opposite side of mat from the rest of their group. Each student walks towards the other end of the mat, but the students in the group can attack with a gun drawn from the waistband or attempt a “sucker punch” as the student walks by. Of course, the group can do nothing, use verbal attacks, or anything else to role play as a small gang.

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