Lesson Plans Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Beginner (B2)
Punches – straight punch
Hammerfist to the side
Movement drill – padholder (focus mitts) stands at any angle to the student and says “go.” The student looks, turns (delivering a hammerfist if appropriate), and two straight punches.
Choke from behind
Headlock from behind
Drill: students separate into two groups (A and B). A stands in a line, eyes closed, passive position. B’s stand on opposite side of the room. Lights go off, music comes up, and the instructor silently signals for B to attack any A with either a headlock or choke from behind. After the defense both groups reset to their original positions.

Intermediate (B2)
Outside slap kick
Defense v. high round kick (reflex)
Drill (boxing gloves and shin pads): partner A throws #3 body (jab, cross, hook to body), and outside slap kick to head. B receives and returns same. Both defend as much as possible and return immediately after the slap kick.
Inside defense with counter v. left punch
Inside defense with counter v. right punch (2 counters)
Inside defense with counter v. right punch (1 counter)
Drill (boxing gloves and shin pads): Partner A throws either a left straight, right straight, high round kick, or high slap kick; partner B defends and counters with punches. Repeat 5 times each.

Advanced (B2)
Chops (inside and outside)
Knife – kick from distance
Knife – Defense v. downward stab
Drill: groups of 3 – student starts striking on a tombstone or focus mitts until an attacker comes up from behind. The attacker can yell and attack from a distance (kick defense) or start stabbing repeatedly in the back (downward stab). As the student is dealing with the knife, the padholder moves to a different part of the room, and the defender sprints back to the padholder once they have completed their defense.

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