Lesson Plans Monday, March 7, 2016

Straight Punches
Drill: belt drill
Elbow #2
Combo: start sideways; right elbow #2/left straight/switch right knee
Choke from the Front with a Push (work both sides)

Thai Pads: 3 rounds of 3 minutes; include sprawl in second and third rounds
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 or 3 points of contact)
Drill: attacker makes hand combinations, and also makes occasional high round kick
Light sparring: divide into groups of 4; one person spars the other three for 90 seconds each

Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Medium Side Kick (incorporate into warm up)
Thai Pads: 3 rounds of 2 minutes, second round in opposite stance
Advancing Front Kick (review)
Gun from Front, cupping technique
Gun from Seated Position
Gun from Kneeling Position

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