Lesson Plans Monday, March 6th, 2017

Beginner (A3)
Movement – shadow boxing w/o punches or kicks
Elbows 1-3
Knees – regular and round
Partner + kick shield: striker starts in neutral stance while their partner moves around them at any angle. On pad holder’s “go,” striker turns and delivers range-appropriate strikes. Work from front, side, and behind. Emphasize efficient footwork and ranging.
Choke from behind

Intermediate (A3)
Hook punch
Uppercut punch
Thai pad combos. Round 1: combos 1-5 Round 2: combos 1-9 (6 – cross/hook/cross; 7 – hook/cross/hook; 8 – uppercut/hook/cross; 9 – uppercut/cross/hook)
Defense vs. low round kick (absorb)
Defense vs. low round kick (shin block)
Partner + boxing gloves: focus mitt work with a partner punching glove to glove. Partner A does combos 1-9 to gloves, adding low round kick after each combo. Partner B defends and counters with two straight punches.

Advanced (A3)
Focus mitt combinations
Spinning heel kick
Focus mitt combinations with heel kicks on the end (jab + R spinning heel kick, jab/cross + step and left heel kick…)
Sliding defense vs spinning heel kick
Stopping defense vs spinning heel kick
Partner + boxing gloves: partner A attacks with boxing combinations and finishes with a spinning heel kick. Partner B defends and returns with same
Stick – baseball bat swing


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