Lesson Plans Monday, March 4, 2019

Beginner (A3)
Movement-Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back
Knees (regular and round)
Basic Takedown Defense (Changing height, moving feet)
Drill: Knee strikes, pad holder changes height and moves feet, striker; Basic Takedown Defense
Choke from Behind
Advanced-Gun from behind
Drill: Groups of 3; Defender; Non stop knee strikes on pad, attacker; Gun from Behind or Choke from Behind

Intermediate (A3)
Defensive Front Kick
Front Kick with Advance
Drill: Striker eyes closed, pad holder gives a verbal signal, and either walks towards defender holding for Defensive Front Kick or stands at a distance and holds for Front Kick with an Advance
Outside Defense 1-5
Bearhug Behind (leverage on finger)
Hair Grab from Behind
Drill: Attacker fights back!
Groups of 3; Striker; non stop strikes on pad, attacker makes either attack, then takes a step back and makes a wild punch (Outside Defense 1-5)

Advanced (A3)
Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitts- Combination- Jab, Cross, Hook, Spinning Heel Kick (both sides)
Stopping Def. V. Spinning Heel Kick
Stick-overhead defense
Stick- Left handed attacker
Drill: Defender; eyes closed, attacker; gives a verbal signal and makes either attack

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