Lesson Plans Monday, March 28, 2016


Front Kick (groin)
Round Kick
Combo: Right Front Kick/Right Round Kick/Right Knee
Combo: Left Front Kick/Left Round Kick/Left Knee
Choke from the Front with a Push – work both sides

Tabata Straight Punches 8 rounds 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
Sparring: light contact, hands only, 1 minute rounds
Reverse Headlock Standing (work both sides)

Focus Mitts: Left/slip right cross/Left Hook/Right
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/slip left jab/Right/Left Hook

Kick Defense v. Knife

Drill: using objects as shields against knife, then kicking

Knife Downward Stab – defense and counter, then create distance

Drill: eyes closed; attacker gives a verbal signal and makes downward stab from different distances; defender must decide if he has time to grab a shield, make a kick, or a hand defense

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