Lesson Plans Monday, March 20th, 2017

Beginner (A3)
Movement – Fighting stance moving forward, left, right, and back
Movement exercise – two partners face each other, standing on hands and feet. Knees bent at 90 degrees, knees and hands under hips and shoulders. “Leader” moves forward, back, left, or right; and “follower” must mirror the movement. Have partners hold a focus mitt between their foreheads as they move, with the objective being not to drop the pad. Vary difficulty levels by switching movement patterns: same side hand/foot, opposite hand/foot, etc. and limiting their ability to communicate (round 1 leader can call out direction, round 2 leader can point, round 3 no communication, etc.)
Palm heel strikes
Movement drill: One partner holds tombstone, focus mitts, or both partners wear gloves. Striker moves forwards, backwards, left, and right; punching on each step. Pad holder steps in sync, maintaining orientation and range.
Line drills: striker moves forwards and backwards across the mat, advancing and retreating with the following combinations: 1- jab/jab/cross, 2- jab/cross/jab, 3- cross/cross/jab
Choke from the front (2-handed)
Drill: once the defender finishes choke from the front, they drive a second attacker with a tombstone across the mat using straight punch combinations as above

Intermediate (A3)
Thai pad combos: 1- Jab, Cross, Hook, Block R Body Kick, R Round kick; 2- Jab, R uppercut, L body hook, R low round kick; 3- Jab, L hook, Cross, Block L Body kick, Uppercut, Cross, Hook
Target practice: striker uses partner as a target, setting range and controlling power. R/L mid front kick, R/L mid round kick, R/L leg kick, R/L knees from center clinch. Emphasize efficient footwork and fast pace.
Defense vs. mid front kick
Drill: Round 1- defender tries to redirect front kick, getting attacker’s dead side, and counters with light kick to the leg. Round 2 – same kicks as above, but defender counters with kick. Round 3 – Defender may now counter with punches or kicks (3-5 strike combos) to attacker, attacker tries to defend as many counters as possible. Round 4- attacker chooses kicks at random, defender counters. Repeat 5 times and switch.

Advanced (A3)
Zombie drill: groups of 5 or 6. One person from the group is the defender, the others are “zombies.” Zombies walk forward with arms outstretched and attempt to touch the defender on the shoulder. Defender may redirect zombies’ hands and arms to clear space, and then the zombie has to take two steps in the direction they were pushed before reacquiring the defender.
Stick – overhead defense
Stick – dead side
Zombie drill with evolved zombies: the zombies have evolved and can use rudimentary tools! Select two zombies as stick zombies that can attack with overhead stick attacks. Other zombies can close in while defender is dealing with a stick attacker
Zombie drill with enraged zombies: select one zombie as a “knife zombie,” who will attack the defender with multiple knife stabs as soon as they begin defending a stick attack. Once they land one or two blows to the knife zombie (preferably with the stick) the knife zombie stops but the drill continues.

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