Lesson Plans Monday, June 12th, 2017

Beginner (B3)
Palm Heel Strike
Eye Strike
Knees from clinch position
Choke from the front (1-handed pluck)
Drill: defender starts with eyes closed. Attacker either chokes from the front or bumps defender with a tombstone and holds for strikes. Repeat.

Intermediate (B3)
Back Kick
Drill: defender starts facing a wall while two attackers with kick shields press the defender against the wall. The defender fights through the padholders, sprints across the room to another person holding a tombstone, and delivers palm heels, elbows, hammerfists, etc. until the pad holder calls time. The drill immediately repeats.
Choke from behind against wall
Choke from behind with a pull
Drill: Same as above, only the attackers can also choke with a push or pull.

Advanced (B3)
Simple takedown
Double leg takedown
Single leg takedown
Drill: one partner attempts a takedown the other defends. Switch back and forth. As the drill progresses, increase the difficulty by bringing the person doing the takedown closer. Have them first start a step apart, then have the attacker grabbing one knee, then two knees, then have the defender hold their hands behind their back.
Hip throw


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