Lesson Plans Monday, July 14, 2014


Straight Punches

Drill: non stop punching

Movement – include step and pivot

Elbows 1-3

Hammerfist to the Side

Choke from the Side

Drill: groups of 3; punching non-stop, make defense against choke from the side



Conditioning:  30 seconds punching/3o seconds each round kick/30 seconds knees x 2

Round Kick Review – focus on downward angle kick to legs

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)

Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block)

Light Sparring Drill: Left OR Right OR low round kick

Drill: defender makes 20 squats, then do the sparring drill above; repeat



Spinning Heel Kick

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left/spinning heel kick

Stopping Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

Gun from Behind

Gun from Behind, Close (hugging defense)


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