Lesson Plans Monday, February 6th, 2017

Beginner (A2)
Fighting Stance and movement (front, back, left, and right)
Follow the leader – Round 1 partner A moves forward, rearward, or to the side; partner B follows, keeping orientation and distance constant. Instructor calls “switch.”
Punches – left/right combination
Follow the leader – round 2: same as before, but partner A has focus mitts and holds for left/right combo. Round 3: now the instructor can call “sprawl” or “go.” On “go,” both partners run across the room to the furthest wall from their current position, do 3 burpees, then find their partner and resume the drill.
Inside Defenses

Intermediate (A2)
Thai pad combinations  (3×3 min rounds)
#1: adv. jab, cross, jab, mid round kick
#2 – lead front kick (vertical target), cross, hook, cross, lead mid round kick
#3 – jab, cross to body, lead hook to body, mid round kick
Defense vs. round kick (2 and 3 points)
Bearhug behind arms free
Drill – two attackers: attacker 1 has focus mitts and attacks with either 360-style attack or round kick defense, then holds for straight punches to mitts. Attacker 2 will bearhug from behind at random intervals, then defender returns to address partner 1.

Advanced (A2)
Warm up – jogging with periodic rolls (forward and backwards), fall breaks, and takedown shoots. Compete to see who has the highest dive roll over tombstone pads
Scissor round kick
Jumping round kick
Review beginner and intermediate self defense (chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, etc.) with light resistance
Sweeps with forward kick and heel kick
Continue beginner and intermediate self defense but under heavier resistance and defender must end with sweep or takedown

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