Lesson Plans Monday, February 13th, 2017

Beginner (A2)
Palm Heel Strike
Horizontal elbows (1-3)
Choke from the front (1-hand pluck)
Drill: Defender starts with 20 burpees as fast as possible and then waits with eyes closed. They are then attacked with either choke from the front or a bump with a kick shield. The defender must not know who their attacker will be. Defender must respond accordingly (palm heels or knees to pad) while also yelling out a description of their attacker, e.g. “Tall, short brown hair, blue eyes, white shirt…” etc.

Intermediate (A2)
Review fall breaks and getting up safely
Review front and round kicks from the ground
Ground – Foot grabs (stripping, inward spin, and outward spin)
Bearhug from behind (arms caught)
Drill: Defender starts in ground fighting position and is attacked with a foot grab. Once they free the foot they get up and strike a kick shield. An attacker bearhugs from behind, trying to trap the arms. Once they are free the drill restarts.

Advanced (A2)
Warm up – 10 seconds each: pushups (fast), jumping jacks, squats (fast), jacks, crunches (fast), and jumping jacks. After a 15 second rest, the round repeats. Repeat 5-10 times.
Clinch work – partners start in neutral clinch position and try to establish dominant hand position, delivering light knees throughout.
Spinning outside slap kick
Scissor front kick
2 jumping front kicks
Jumping side kick
Combo (to tombstone or kick paddle): inside slap kick, spinning outside slap kick, Scissor front kick, spinning heel kick, jumping side kick. If you get it all post a video!

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