Lesson Plans Monday, December 19, 2016

Beginner Class (B3)
Straight Punch Low
Knees (include switch knee)
Thai Pads: Basic combinations; include Straight Punch Low and knees (both sides)
Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low
Choke from the side
Drill: Non-stop knees on pad; attacker gives a verbal signal “Hey!” and attacks with a straight punch low OR Choke from the Side.

Intermediate Class (D3)
Heel Kick
Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Combination: Heel Kick/Defensive Back Kick with Spin
Hair Grab Behind
Ground- Strike from top
Ground- Dismount from top
Drill: Groups of 3; defender starts from mount, strikes from top, dismounts from top and makes non-stop strikes on pad, attacker (person on bottom) makes Hair Grab attack.

Advanced Class (D3)
Jump Spinning Back Kick
Fun Back Kick Combination: Side Kick/Spinning Back Kick/Jump Spinning Back Kick
Gun from Front
Long Gun from Front- live side
Knife- Threat def. to dead side
Drill: 5 Burpees/10 knee strikes (each side), 10 Push ups, followed by non- stop strikes; attacker attacks with either Gun, Long Gun OR Knife; repeat for 5 rounds.

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