Lesson Plans Monday, December 16, 2019

Straight Punches – Left/Right Combo
Drill — Circle Drill — puncher makes Left/Right Combo, then moves in a half circle around the pad holder; after moving 180 degrees, make Left/Right Combo and move back 180 degrees. During movement, the puncher should be just outside of punching range. This is a basic drill for improving footwork.
Straight Punch with Advance
Inside Defenses

Straight Punch
Hammerfist Forward
Drill: begin standing up, throwing straight punches and hammerfist punches, then drop to knees and continue striking, then lie on your back and continue striking; then return to your knees, and then stand up. The striking should be CONTINUOS. Switch with your partner. Do 2 rounds. This is very tiring!
Guard Drill – maintain good posture while in the attacker’s guard
Guard Escape – gouge, posture up, striking groin
Guard – Arm Bar
Guard Drill: bottom person works for arm bar, top person works guard escape

Punch One Direction, Kick Another (Straight Punch, Side Kick)
General Defense v. High Round Kick
Sliding Defense v. High Round Kick

Defense v. Knife Slash (Live and Dead Side)

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