Lesson Plans Monday, December 10, 2018


Wrist Releases – do “elbow to elbow” and “hitchhike out” techniques as part of warm up

Straight Punches – left/right combination

Drill: pad holder jabs pad at partner; partner covers up, then makes left/right combo

Knees – with and without controlling with arms

Drill: as above, but add a knee after the punches

Choke From Behind with a Push



Hook Punch

Combo: Right/Left Hook and Left Hook/Right

Focus Mitt Drill: pad holder strikes side of head with either pad; partner covers against the strike and counters with Right/Left Hook or Left Hook/Right

Bearhug – review principle of space and base; if your students are advanced enough, review Bearhug Front and Bearhug Behind (you might not have time for a complete lesson, so simply reviewing space and base will be enough)

Bearhug Front Lifting

Bearhug Behind Lifting

Drill: eyes closed, any bearhug (try to prevent lifting)



Thai Pads 3 rounds of 3 minutes, include knees and elbows

Hip Throw

Full Nelson Throw

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