Lesson Plans Monday, August 7th, 2017

Beginner (A2)
Straight punch with advance and retreat
Straight punch low
Inside defense
Inside defense vs. straight punch low
Body sparring – two partners with boxing gloves, contact to body only with hands only

Intermediate (C2)
Ground – Kick off from guard
Ground – Arm bar from guard
Ground – Guard reversal
Drill – defender starts on their back with an attacker in their guard, both wearing boxing gloves. The attacker tries to stay in guard and deliver as many strikes as possible, while the defender either escapes, reverses, or submits the defender. Round 2 – defender starts with their head near a wall so escape is no longer an option.

Advanced (C2)
Long gun from behind, touching
Long gun from the frontĀ  – live and dead side
Drill – defender starts in the middle of a circle of attackers with kick shields. Padholders bump and generally disrupt the defender while an attacker with a long gun approaches from in front of, to the side, or behind the defender. While the defender is dealing with the gun the padholders break and give space, then return once the defense is complete.

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