Lesson Plans Monday, August 31, 2015


Combo: Left/Right/Right Knee

Combo Left/Right/Left Knee

Choke from the Front with a Push

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: Non Stop Drill with groups of 3; pad holder stands at one end of the room holding for straight punches; at other end of the room, one person stands with eyes closed; third person makes choke from the front or behind with a push; after attacking, the attacker stands and closes eyes; the defender defends, then sprints across the room and gives 10 left/right combinations; puncher then takes the pad; the former pad holder sprints down and attacks; the drill continues non-stop.



Focus Mitts Combo #8 (right upper/left hook/right straight

Focus Mitts Combo #9 (left uppercut/right straight/left hook)

Bearhug Behind, Arms Free

Ground: Arm Bar from Guard

Drill: attacker makes bearhug and gently takes defender to the ground; once on the ground, defender pulls guard and makes arm bar, then gets up.

Drill: drill starts with defender practicing focus mitt combinations; attacker comes from behind and makes Bearhug From Behind, Arms Free; defender tries to drop weight to stop takedown; sometimes attacker does not make takedown, sometimes he does; if on the ground, the defender pulls guard and makes arm bar.



Sparring: 1 minute rounds

Sparring: 1o second rounds, 5 seconds to switch

Gun to the Side of the Head (regular defense and 2 handed defense)

Knife Downward Stab, Off Angle (work both sides)

Drill: gun or knife from either side

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