Lesson Plans Friday, October 25, 2013

Beginner (B1)

Palm Strikes

Drill: Eyes closed, passive stance, pad holder shoves the defender from the front lightly’ defender must open eyes and make Palm heel strikes until pad holder calls “Time!”

Headlock from behind (work both sides)

Line Drill: 5-6 ppl per line; 1st person on line is defending, everyone else is attacking, Headlock from behind (either side). Rotate defenders.


Intermediate (D1)

Basic Combatives

Drill: Monkey in the Middle- groups of 3, one person in the middle; strikes one pad until hit with the other pad; turn with appropriate strikes and engage that pad. 60 seconds each person

Ground- Choke from the side

Ground- Headlock side Forward

Drill: Defender on their back eyes closed, attacker; Choke from the side, Headlock side Forward


Advanced (D1)

Light Sparring

– Round 1- Hands only- one defender, one attacker, movement, block, bob and weave. (no counters) switch!

– Round 2- same as above- Add kicks

– Round 3- Add counters

Ground- Leg Triangle from the Guard

Ground- Guillotine


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