Lesson Plans Friday, March 24, 2017


Straight Punches

Front Kick

360 – include counterattacks simultaneously (from Level 2) or after the defense

Choke From the Front (2 hands)

Drill: Attacker makes choke from the front; defender makes the defense and counters; the attacker steps back, then advances with 360; the defender must defense 360, then continue with counterattacks


Hook Punch

Focus Mitts: Right Cross/Left Hook

Focus Mitts: Left Hook/Right Cross — learn to advance on the Left Hook

Defense v. Low Round Kick (Shin Block)

Defense v. Low Round Kick Absorbing)

Combination: Defense Low Round Kick (absorbing) while making Right Cross/Left Hook


Review Side Kick

Review Hammerfist

Drill: Interference Drill — 2 rounds!

Gun From Behind at a Distance

Machine Gun Takedown

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