Lesson Plans Friday, March 15, 2019


Combination: Left/Right/Right

Combination: Left/Left/Right

360 Defense

Ground  – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Drill: groups of 3; defender makes punch combinations to pad holder; third person makes 360 attack OR says “Down!” and defender must drop down, kick to the air, then Get Up and continue punching.



Hook Punch

Focus Mitts: Combinations 6 & 7

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free

Bearhug from Behind, Leverage on Finger

Arm Bar from Guard

Drill: defend against bearhugs from behind using either technique; sometimes attacker says “Down!” and the defender must drop, pull attacker into guard, and make arm bar.



Thai Pads: 2 rounds of 3 minutes, include Front Kick Vertical Target to create distance between combinations

2 Front Kicks with a Switch

Knife Downward Stab

Knife Upward Stab

Drill: begin each repetition with a stab to the back (downward or upward), defender must react to the stab by turning and defending additional stabs as soon as possible

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