Lesson Plans Friday, July 22, 2016


Straight Punches

Drill: belt drill

Hammerfist to the Side; then continue with punches and knees

Choke from the Side

Drill: eyes closed, attacker either chokes or pushes with pad from the side; defender defends the choke or makes Hammerfist.



Focus Mitts: 4 rounds of 2 minutes; 30 second rest

Review defenses v. hook and uppercut punches

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)

Sparring: punches and low round kicks



Thai Pads: Combo #4 with knee/Thai clinch and pivot left/Right Knee/Right Elbow #6

Full Nelson, Finger Grab

Knife Upward Stab

Drill: two attackers; one makes Full Nelson; defender must defend the Full Nelson and then defend a knife attack with an upward stab; to increase the stress, have the knife attacker make stabs while the defender is still in the Full Nelson!


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