Lesson Plans Friday, February 10, 2017

Beginner Class (A2)

Movement- Moving –Shadow Boxing w/o Punches or kicks

Punches-Left/Right combination

Palm Heel Strike

Shadow Boxing with Punches

Drill: Part 1- 3 rounds of :20 seconds; Punches and Palm heel strikes from mount

Drill: Part 2- Shadow Boxing; on instructors signal “DOWN!” non-stop strikes from mount. On instructors signal “UP!” get up fast and continue shadow boxing

Choke from behind with Push

Headlock from Behind



Front Kick Vertical Target (review from level 1)

Defensive Front Kick – include follow up combatives

Drill: attacker advances with Defensive Front Kick; defender makes the kick; attacker either reacts to the kick and retreats OR simply stops, and defender finishes with additional combatives.

Kick Off From Guard

Foot Grab – Stripping

Drill: attacker is on top in guard; defender kicks off from guard; attacker stands up, grabbing defender’s foot; defender makes the Foot Grab defense.



Combo: Left Front Kick Vertical Target/Right Cross/Left Hook/Right Straight/Left Elbow #1

Hip Throw – hook under arm; if experienced, practice opposite side

Sparring Drill: one attack/one defender; defender try to incorporate Hip Throw into counterattacks

Knife Forward Slash

Knife Back Slash

Note: if experienced, make the slashes very straight, almost like straight stab.




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