Lesson Plans Friday, December 19, 2014



Straight Punches – Left/Right Combo

Drill — Circle Drill — puncher makes Left/Right Combo, then moves in a half circle around the pad holder; after moving 180 degrees, make Left/Right Combo and move back 180 degrees. During movement, the puncher should be just outside of punching range. This is a basic drill for improving footwork.

Straight Punch with Advance

Inside Defenses



Straight Punches

Hammerfist Punches

Drill: pushed from side, give hammer fist followed by straight punches; resent with eyes closed

Outside Defenses 1-5

Choke Behind Review

Choke Behind with a Pull

Drill: eyes closed; Choke Behind Pull OR verbal warning and then straight punch from either side.



Belt Drill — 3 rounds each! 30 seconds – 45 seconds – 30 seconds

Gun Front

Long Gun Front (live side)

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