Lesson Plans Friday, August 28, 2015

Beginner (A2)
Palm Heel Strikes
Drill: Groups of 2 (partners should be about same size and hight), Small shield; Non stop Palm Heel Strikes, on instructors signal “GO”, striker Fireman or Piggy back carries pad holder to the opposite end of the room and back, and continues with strikes.
Choke from the Front (1-handed)
Choke from the Front with a Push
Choke from the Back with a Push
Drill: Groups of 4-5; 90 seconds, One defender, non stop attacks.

Intermediate (C2)
Drill: A/B Drill
Ground- Guard Reversal
Ground- Elbow to Knee escape (Quick Review)
Flow Drill: Guard Reversal to Elbow to Knee escape; Groups of 2; start from Guard position, make guard reversal, now, the person on the bottom makes Elbow to Knee Escape and transitions to Guard position, then makes Guard Reversal technique. Repeat!
Reverse Headlock Standing
Drill: Groups of 3; defender; Strikes from the mount, 2nd person safely tackles defender off the pad, and mounts them, defender; makes elbow to knee transitions to guard and from there makes guard reversal technique and immediately stands up, 3rd person then immediately attacks with Reverse Headlock, defender makes a strong defense and Resets.

Advanced (C2)
Overhand Right
Muay Thai Pads- 3 rounds of 3 minutes- Combinations, Kicks, Knees and Elbows. Be sure to include Overhand Right in combinations.
** Round 2- add sprawls, plus 4 Push Ups
** Round 3- Double up on the last technique of every combination
Long Gun from the Front- live side
Long Gun from the Front- dead side
Defense v. Bayonet Stab, live and dead side

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