Lesson Plans Friday, August 15, 2014

Beginner (A2)
Straight Punch with Advance
Straight Punch with Retreat
Drill: eyes closed, partner holds pads in normal range, close range or a step out, partner has to open eyes and make appropriate punch
Choke from behind with a push
Drill: Groups of 3- defender starts eyes closed, pad holder says “Hey!”, defender makes an advancing or Retreating punch followed by a punch flurry, 3rd person comes up from behind and makes choke from behind with push, defender defends, then resets.

Intermediate (C2)
3 Round Drill
Bearhug from the Front Arms Caught
Bearhug from the Front Arms Free (Space)
Bearhug from the Front Arms Free (neck leverage)
Drill- defender; eyes closed, bearhug from front is made, defender defends and a 2nd attacker attacks with a pad that the defender has to send combatives to until pad holder calls “Time!”

Advanced (C2)
Mouth of Hand Punch
Focus Mitts- Combination: Jab/Cross/Hook/Mouth of Hand Punch
Focus Mitts- 2 rounds of 3 minutes- Opposite Stance- Include Mouth of Hand Punch
Gun from Behind touching
Drill: light sparring, at any point attacker comes up and holds gun to the defenders back, defend then go back to sparring

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