Lesson Plans Friday, April 1, 2016

Have your class do a 1000 burpees and call it day! Just kidding, Happy April fools!

Beginner (B1)
Straight Punch with Advance
Drill: Eyes Closed, partner holds pad either in normal punch range or a step out, partner has to open eyes and make the appropriate punch.
Choke from behind with a push
Drill: Groups of 3- Defender; eyes closed, on pad holders signal, defender makes an advancing push followed by a punch flurry, 3rd person comes up from behind and makes choke form behind push, defender defends, then resets.

Intermediate (B1)
Side Kick
Back Kick
Drill: Groups 5; Defender in the middle, pad holder will say “Hey!”, defender makes the appropriate kick
Bearhug Front- Arms Caught
Bearhug Front – Arms Free (with space)
Bear Front- Arms Free
Drill: Divide the class into A/B. A’s close their eyes, B’s attack anyone in the room with a front bear hug

Advanced (B1)
Gun from the Front
Gun to the Side of the Head
Gun from the side, Behind the Arm
Drill: Disturbance Drill; Groups 4-5; Defender is in the middle, pad holders are SAFELY, shoving defender while yelling, shouting and creating chaos, attacker makes gun threats from todays lesson.

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