Lesson Plan Friday, August 2, 2013

Beginner Class (A2)
Movement-Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right Combination
Straight Punch with Retreat
Knees-Include moving/spinning attacker for control
Choke from the front with a push- Work both sides
Drill: Defender eyes closed- Attacker; Makes Choke from the front with a push from various angle Or holds pad for punches, gives a verbal signal, vary the distance to force defender to either move forward for strikes or retread and strike

Intermediate (C2)
Bobbing and Weaving
Focus Mitts-
Combo- Bob and weave/Right Cross/Left Hook
Combo- Bob and Weave/Left Hook/Right Cross/Jab/Jab/Cross
Combo- Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/Bob and weave/Cross/ Hook/Bob and Weave/Hook/Cross/Jab/Jab/Cross.
Slow Fighting: open hands, SLOW motion.  Straight and Hooks only, use inside defense and 360 from level 1.                               Reverse Headlock from Standing
Advanced (C2)
3 Round Drill
Focus Mitts- Combo # 3/Slip Left/Slip Right/Cross/Hook/Cross
Knife- Upward Stab
Knife- Downward Stab
Drill: Groups of 3/Focus Mitts
Defender; works above combo on mitts, Attacker; makes an upward stab or downward stab (recoiling to simulate multiple stabs), Defender; must make block and control the knife, after a successful defense the defender gets back to striking.

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