Lesson Plans Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Palm Strike
Round Kick – both legs
Combo: Left/Right/Left/Right Round Kick (combo #3, but with straight punches instead of a hook punch)
Combo: Left/Right/Left Round Kick (combo #3, but with straight punches instead of a hook punch)
Choke Front (1 handed technique)
Drill: eyes closed; attacker pushes with a pad and then holds forround kick OR straight punches; OR the attacker makes a choke

Forward Roll
Drill: Forward Roll, turn, and give punches
Inside Defense with Counterattacks v. Right Punch (2 counters)
Inside Defense with Counterttacks v. Right Punch (1 counter)
Choke Front Against Wall
Drill: standing against wall, eyes closed; attacker can either choke or give a verbal signal and then make a right punch

Thai Pads: slip left jab/Right/Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Round Kick
Gun from Behind, touching — for this lesson, have the gun in the attacker’s right hand, and the defender should look over the left shoulder. This will make the drill at the end simpler for the defender.
Gun from Behind at a distance: the gun is in the attacker’s left hand, held back and away from the defender; the attacker’s right hand is extended forward, touching the defender’s back.
Drill: the gunman can hold either of the two positions above; the defender must look over his left shoulder, see the threat, and make the appropriate defense
Drill: as above, but add a lot of yelling and aggressive behavior from the attacker

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