Krav Maga Alliance Wingate Institute Certification

Last month, the Krav Maga Alliance sponsored a Krav Maga instructor certification at Wingate Institute. For many people, Wingate is the civilian home of Krav Maga. After Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld left the army, he started the first civilian training program at Wingate.

During the early years of my own training, I received an instructor diploma from Wingate Institute. As the Krav Maga Alliance grew, I wanted to provide the same opportunities to Alliance affiliates and instructors. I contacted Wingate, and they were very interested. Other organizations have sponsored courses at Wingate…but they have used their OWN instructors to teach Krav Maga. I didn’t want that, because Alliance affiliates can train with me any time. One of the tenets of the Krav Maga Alliance is that our instructors should get exposure to other points of view, and other systems, whenever possible. So when Wingate asked me if I wanted to teach the course, I said no. I wanted THEIR instructors to teach.

When our people arrived, the instructors were very impressed by their skill level. They said so on several occassions, giving unsolicited compliments to all. Frankly, these attendees made the Krav Maga Alliance look good, and they represented all of us very well!

We now have our first group of Krav Maga Alliance instructors certified by both the Krav Maga Alliance and Wingate Institute. Congratulations to all!


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