Affiliates Participating in Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

The Krav Maga Alliance and it’s affiliates are joining  to fund raise for the Wounded Warrior Project!  Everyone is putting together interesting and top notch seminars on or around November 5th.  Look for an affiliate in your area to get involved and contact an one near you for more details!

Affiliates Participating:

Simi Valley Krav Maga

Focus Self Defense and Fitness

Luminous Warrior – The crucible of Stick and Blade Seminar 2-6pm

Beach Cities Krav Maga

Evolution Defense

Mix it Up Martial Arts

Kovar’s Sartori Academy of Martial Arts – Firearm Defense Workshop 2-6pm

Rocky Mountain Self Defense

East Texas Krav Maga

Chester County Martial Arts and Israeli Krav Maga

Krav Fit



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