Meet Training Team instructor Tony Morrison!


Tony M picTony Morrison started his martial arts training at the age of six years old. He was introduced to the art of Shotokan Karate by his uncle who was practicing Karate in a local martial arts studio. That introduction would be the spark that ignited the flames that would forever change Tony’s life. Tony enjoyed the rigorous and sometime brutal training he recieved at the famed Tong Dojo in Brooklyn New York. The late Sensei George Cofield was Tony’s first martial arts instructor. Growing up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, Karate gave Tony the confidence and the values that kept him focused on success. After several years of training Tony started to compete on the National Karate circuit and became one of the top fighting and forms competitors in the country. It was on the National Karate Circuit where Tony met Billy Blanks the number one fighter in the country at that time, and who later created Tae Bo. Tony trained with him for several years honing the skills that would later take him around the world competing and eventually winning several international titiles.

Over the next several years Tony had the privilege to train in several martial arts systems until coming across Krav Maga. Tony was instantly attracted to the simple but yet effective and aggressive techniques of Krav Maga. Tony started traveling to the west coast in order to learn more about Krav Maga and to become an instructor. Today not only is Tony an instructor and school owner of Krav Maga but he was awarded train the trainer status by John Whitman the creator of the Krav Maga Alliance and a 5th Degree black belt in Krav Maga. Tony is a member of a select group of Krav Maga instructors who travel around the world certifiying and teaching seminars for the Krav Maga Alliance organization.

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