Krav Maga Alliance - Affiliate Information

The Fight Requirement

In order to receive a Black Belt with the Krav Maga Alliance, both students and instructors must participate in at least one ring fight.

The primary requirements are that the fight must be against an opponent you do not know (i.e., not from your own gym or a friend), that the person is genuinely willing to do damage within the context of the sport, and that there is a crowd watching.

This fight can be a smoker, amateur, or professional fight.

The fight can be boxing, kickboxing (no point fighting), Muay Thai, or any variation of MMA.

The fight must be organized with all standard safety requirements.

Headgear and shin guards are allowed, if you wish to use them.

You don’t have to win, but you have to give it your best!

You can enter a pre-existing event, or you can organize a fight between your school and another school. Especially for older candidates, you can arrange a fight with someone of a similar age and experience.

If you’ve done a fight in the past that meets these requirements, it counts. You just need to provide us with any reasonable confirmation.

Law enforcement officers and combat veterans are exempt from this requirement.

We are simply asking you to function during the stress of a fight, and a ring fight, although not a street fight, is the best way to experience this stress.